READINOCTOBER 13 8:30-11:15 The first 40 students who turn in their permission slips (download one HERE) will bring their snugglies, blankets, favorite stuffed animal, a favorite book, or check one out from the shelves of the library for a morning of nothing but reading on October 13. Bagels, Juice, Fruit, and Donuts will be served. This will be low tech/no tech morning. Devices during designated picture and posting time only. Schedule:

  • 8:15-8:25- check in with 5th period class
  • 8:30-8:45 check in to library and find a corner to read
  • 11:05-11:15 help put the library back together
  • 11:15-11:25 check in with 6th period teacher
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Oregon Battle of the Books- First meeting

Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOBLove to read? Love discussing books?Love HARRY POTTER? Just kidding. Harry Potter isn’t part of OBOB. Unfortunately. Sigh. obob picMeeting at LUNCH  in Library on Thursday, September 10th.  We will discuss what is means to be on an OBOB team, get to know each other, discuss what we have read, plan for the club fair, pass out lists of the books for this year’s competition, and have snacks. NEXT MEETING 9-24 TUTORIAL.

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2015-16 Textbook Check Out

TEXTBOOK CHECKOUT will be the first week of school. Freshman: in CCE class; Sophomores in MWH; Juniors in English; Seniors in Gov’t /Econ. See HERE for exact schedule.

Students will check out all their books at one time. They must have ID (or a picture of their ID barcode) and their schedule. They should have cleared their record of books and charges at registration. Having charges or books still out will delay textbook check out.

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Smoothies and Stories

witsreadingMay 14 7pm Cafe Au Play Join students from Vinger, York, Ambinder, and Jo and writers James Gendron and Evan Williams at our annual WITS/Student Reading sponsored by Literary Arts. See HERE for details.

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Slam Winners! Video In

??????????Congratulations to Janet, Shaylee and Vida! See Video of 2015 FHS Slam  Click on image to see all the pictures! An audience of over 200 packed into the FHS Library were the real winners as we watched 20 brave and tender, clever and deep poets perform. Word-smithing, heart string plucking, truth telling, revolution calling. And lots of love.   Verselandia results HERE.

Slam Poet High Scores:

  •  1st Place and slot at VL- Janet Webster (11th grade & Verselandia vet)
  • 2nd Place and slot at V- Shaylee Reichardt (11th grade)
  • 3rd Place and alt slot at VL- Vida Celeste Grider (9th grade)
  • 4th Place-Ellie Gentry (11th grade)

Thanks to  the amazing FHS Slam Committee  Additional thanks to–PTA for funding the event, the staff that showed up just to show support, SUN School and Communicare for refreshments , Josh Forsythe and Alex Rodriguez and crew for the stage, sound, Our MC’s Isaiah and Jonathon, Custodial staff for cleaning up after, our judges Rob Jamieson, Lamarra Haynes, Abby ranger, Jimmy Radosta, Jayme Causey,our Math Guys–Trevor and Shauna (thanks for stepping in at the last minute), ​Link Crew for logistical support,Ethan Conrad for the guitar riffs​,all the teachers that encouraged, taught these students to use their words.  And anyone I left out.

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We’re Slammin’ 2015

FHS SLAM: REGISTRATION BEGINS MARCH 3! Speak your truth and win $100 as the winner of the 2015 FHS Slam April 9, 6:00 in the library.  You could win a slot at Verselandia! Register ONLINE or Pick up registration form from English teacher or  Library.  Or download  HERE. Do it now! Registration closes March 20. Slots are limited to first 30. 2 Poems not due til April 7. See online calendar and join our FACEBOOK EVENT!


February 24: Presale Tickets for Verselandia LIMITED Supply- see HERE!
March 3: Registration Meeting  Lunch Library
March 5- Slam Workshop Lunch Library
March 7: Desmond Spann leads Workshop  @ Literary Arts 1-3
March 12 Slam Workshop -Lunch Library
March 19 Slam Workshop-Tutorial Library
March 20: Registration Deadline — guarantee your slot by signing up early
March 31 :Mandatory Meeting Lunch/ Optional Writing Workshop 3:15-5  Library
April 3: Slam Performance Workshop (optional)  3:20-5  Library
April 3: Poem drafts due- NEED 2
April 7:Mandatory Run Through Lunch or 3:15  Library
April 9: FHS Slam 6:00 Library**
April 20:   Verselandia! 7:00  Newmark Theater
Coordinated by FHS Slam Committee and Sponsored by the FHS PTSA with support from Literary Arts. Contact Ms.Childs (Library), Ms. Munoz ( 134)  Ms Garrett (159) Ms. Vinger (254), Ms. Kirsch (255) Ms. Bartley (160), or Jesse and Isaiah in Step-Up  with questions.
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Mitchell S. Jackson: Franklin Also Reads 2015!

ResidueYearsPortland. Prison. Published. Find out how a local boy survives the streets and gets famous. Franklin High received 70 books & 70 tickets to attend the Multnomah County Everybody Reads! Lecture on March 10.  Three ofresidueattending pic our classes and a group of Step Up students are reading the book together. But you can read it too. And join us- parents and students invited. Pick up a copy  of The Residue Years from the FHS Library. Or read it digitally from MCPL Overdrive. See our library display and check out a related book or join a discussion at MCPL.  Visit Mitchell Jackson’s website or explore one of the great resources we have collected HERE. Join us for the March 10 lecture- Permission Slips will be available February 17 in the library or from your English or Social Studies teachers. You can also download one HERE.  Parents are welcome on the trip too, but they must join us on the bus. Just email Ms. Childs

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