FAST Story Slam Winners!

IMG_0336.jpgCongratulations to our 1st place story slammer- Asha Fuson Grade 11; 2nd place Emily Rohman Grade 10, and 3rd place Seth Estrada Grade 12. See photos of the event and the workshopping HERE. Video of the event coming soon, thanks to funding by PTSA. Thanks to all the storytellers and especially to Josh Forsythe for co-hosting the event and co-workshopping with the students. Special thanks goes to our math guys Eli Hiton and Jackson Hartigan and our musician Jesse Fuller and our judges: Alina Aliyar, Kisha Jarrett, Brian Mckee, Mary Rechner, Domingo Urrutia. 

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Trouble Tales- Calling All Storytellers

img_5843What: FAST* Story Slam –A live true storytelling competition. Slammers have 5 minutes each to tell a real/true story based on our theme: TROUBLE. ( check out Storytelling Tab on FHS Toolbox  and The Moth  to listen or watch how this thing rolls).

Slammers must participate in workshops or be enrolled in Forsythe’s Int Acting to craft stories within 5 minute time limit.  Tellers perform their work and are given numerical scores (on a 1 to 10 scale) based on content & performance by a panel of judges.

When– Info Meeting/Quick Write Session: Fri, November 17 Lunch  Library
Workshop Day 1 Monday, December 4 3:30pm– 5pm BlackBox Theatre
Workshop Day 2 Wednesday, December 6 3:30pm – 5pm  BlackBox Theatre
Finalists Practice Thursday, December 7 2:30pm – 5pm BlackBox Theatre
Story Slam Thursday December 7th 7pm – 8:30pm BlackBox Theatre

How: 1)Students submit quick draft / registration form by Nov 28. 2) Up to 25 students will participate in workshops on Mon 12/5 & Wednesday 12/6 3) 8 students will be selected to compete 4) The 8 will practice on 12/7 2:30 and compete on 12/7 7pm   5)1 will be judged the story slam winner and represent FHS at the PPS StorySlam Truth Be Told

Also: Teachers may have all students submit stories to them earlier in the week and forward drafts of possible/interested candidates to Childs. For more resources see also Storytelling Links

For more info contact: Sunny Childs (library) or Josh Forsythe (Theatre)


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November Library Events

Open Mic: November 6th 3:30 in Library: Everyone is invited! Students & Staff perform or share or read original work in a casual, welcome environment. Sign ups will start at 3:15 pm. Questions- or

Wordstock Nov 11: Day long festival of authors, including our own author Ilse SV (grade 11) reading her work at 2:15 at OHS.  This year includes a YA stage with a great line up. Teens get in free (bring ID). Reserve your festival pass HERE. $15 for in advance for adults.

Free Poetry Workshop at Wordstock Nov 11: Poetry for High School Students, taught by David Ciminello 3:30-4:45 p.m. in the Stevens Room, FREE| Register at  Brainstorm, write, collaborate, and share poetic prose and poetry. Participants will celebrate culture and community through poetic expression and innovation.

FAST StorySlam Info Meeting Nov 17 2:30   Find out about and submit an entry form for our Dec 7 StorySlam . In order to compete for money and a slot at PPS Story Slam #TruthbeTold you must submit registration and brief draft of story on theme Trouble, come to the workshops on Dec 4 and 6 (unless you have Forsythe for Int Act), then if selected for Slam come to practice on Dec 7 2:30 and Slam Dec 7 7pm.

Joe Biden Nov 30 evening FT: We have 30 tickets and a bus courtesy of Literary Arts. Permission slips will be available starting next week in the library and are due back Nov 14.


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Read In Pics



Collectively students read over 5000 pages Tuesday at our read in! (And consumed 2 gallons of juice, 4 gallons of hot chocolate, one bag of marshmallows, two shopping bags full of popcorn, 4 loaves of pumpkin bread, 2 pounds of nuts, 20 apples, and 40 donut holes. Phew!) Pictures and comments are HERE.

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Fall Read-In

fallreadinThe first 45 students who turn in their permission slips will bring their snugglies, blankets, favorite stuffed animal, a favorite book, or check one out from the shelves of the library for an afternoon of nothing but reading on October 17th. Bagels, Fruit, Nuts, Snacks and Cocoa will be served. This will be low tech/no tech afternoon. Devices to be used during designated picture and posting time only.  Click on pic for last year’s album. img_5580

12:05-12:15- check in with 3rd  period class
12:15-12:30  check in to library and find a  cozy corner to read
1:37-1:45 Post a picture break
2:55-3:05  help put the library back together
3:05-3:15  check in with 4th period teacher

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More books banned!



Be a #RebelReader.  Click on the link to find out how to resist tyranny and win prizes.

The times they are a changing! ! Half of the most frequently challenged books were actually banned in 2016, which is much higher than the usual rate of about 10% of titles being removed from the institution where they are challenged.  Students are invited to celebrate the first amendment and check out a challenged book! We have a shelf of good ones in our library. Celebrate the Freedom to Read!

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Textbook Check Out 2017

TBcheckout17TEXTBOOK CHECKOUT will be the first week of school. Freshman: in CCE class; Sophomores in MWH; Juniors in English; Seniors in Gov’t /Econ. See HERE for exact schedule.

Students will check out all their books for all their classes at one time. They must have ID (or a picture of their ID barcode) and their schedule. They should have cleared their record of books and charges at registration. Having charges or books still out will delay textbook check out. If you have questions feel free to contact Sunny or Chris in the library.

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