More Speech: CLICK HERE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT STATE OF OREGON SCHOOL FUNDING LEADERS and Check out the May 31 Day of Action Events.  Join FHS students after school on May 31 at Atkinson to write letters to legislators.
RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH: FHS Student Reading –sponsored by Writers in the SchoolsBipartisan Cafe 7 pm TONIGHT! May 10. 79th & Stark PICTURES HERE.
RIGHT TO VOTE: Don’t forget to drop off your ballots if you can vote! May 15 by 8pm!
RIGHT TO PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE: Thanks to all of the Quakers who came out to support the students in their organizing efforts for May 11 march. See a few pictures on FB (after school) or on Picasa during school . Or go to the GET UPSET-Franklin facebook page. or check out video.  Meeting for interested students and staff at lunch on Tuesday in Library. STAY TUNED FOR NEXT STEPS IN THE SCHOOL FUNDING MOVEMENT. Painting signs, Planning routes, Setting up a GET UPSET – Franklin page,  sending emails & texts. Students have been busy organizing! Now, over 100 FHS community members have pledged to participate in the MAY 11 GET UPSET MARCH – 3:30 at Rose Quarter/4:30 at Pioneer Square. You are invited to show your support for students practicing participatory democracy and come on down. To pledge, tell your story or get more info visit GET UPSET!    Reflections on the Rally ? Post here & at FHS UPSET .

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