iPad Survey and Digital Citizenship Test

WHAT ARE TEENS DOING ONLINE? Read this interview with several teens.
Test If you are  Freshman you  will be taking the test with your Math class. You must take the Digital Citizenship Test and the Survey HERE (even if you are not checking out an iPad). You must get at least 80% on test to “pass.”
Return iPad Forms and Fee: iPad Parent Permission and Student Pledge and $40 check can be turned in to  the VP office or to Ms. Childs in 244y.Make sure student full name and id # is on the check and it is stapled to the form (signed on both sides).  See our new Freshman First iPad Program Web Pages for more information. Contact sjchilds@pps.net or mbeeber@pps.net if you have questions.You will check out your iPad when one of your Academy classes is scheduled in the library in January.

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