Evicted- Author Matthew Desmond visits FHS!

evictedMarch 9th Franklin Library hosts Matthew Desmond, Harvard Sociologist and  author of Multnomah County Library’s 2017 Everybody Reads-Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City.  Matthew Desmond will participate in a Q & A with students 8th period (1-2pm). We also have 50 tickets/transportation for our staff, students, parents who would like to attend the evening lecture at the Schnitzer. Bus will leave FHS 6:15 and return 9:30. Daytime event sign ups are now closed. Permission slips for evening event are due March 1. (Evening FT Permission Slips).Books and articles available for check out from FHS (we have lots of copies!) and MCL. For more information about  Matthew Desmond, the book, or the issues check out our Resource ListSEE ALSO  http://justshelter.org/stories/   sponsored by Desmond. Read the stories and share yours. And check out the timely action by Portland City Council Here. Watch the documentary about the gentrification of the Albina Neighborhood HERE. Tickets to evening lecture and Q & A visit courtesy of Literary Arts.

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