FHS Slam Winners 2017


1st Place – Lily Lamadrid 12th grade 
2nd Place- Seth Estrada 11th grade 
3rd Place/Alternate-N.W. 10th grade 

Watch FHS Slam 2017 NOW! More Pics HERE.  Join us at Verselandia April 27 7pm to cheer on Lily and Seth. Tickets on sale NOW. $10 for General Admission.
 The audience was the big winner at the 2017 FHS Poetry Slam. 285 of us crowded into the FHS Library to watch 27 poets battle it out. Fast cars and fast words.  Catcalls and Conway Callouts. Broken brains and broken dreams. Religion and Riddles.  Stay tuned for the video. Thanks to  my other Slam Committee members –Pam Garrett, Dana Vinger, Amber McGill, Mercedes Munoz, Elizabeth Kirsch, Desmond Spann, Michael Corenthal, Deb Dombrowksi  for their help.   Additional thanks to Rebecca Coulterpark, Marjie Chambers, Scarlet Graham, Vida Grider, Hilda Escalara-Gonzales, SUN School, Poetic Justice, Steve O’Neill and his Culinary Arts students, Josh Forsythe and his super crew, MC’s Santi and Skylar, musician Nika Ko, Math Guys–Trevor Butenhoff and Kieran Andrews, and our custodial staff, and especially the FHS PTSA funders.

Our big big thanks go to judges Chris Frazier, Meysha Harville, Claudia Savage, Susie Silva Strommer, and Mike Waller, as well as all the teachers & parents that inspired, encouraged, and taught these students to use their words.

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