Library and Textbook Check-in 2016-17

checkin picThe calendar for textbook and library check-in and clearance is HEREAll students receive paper copies of their library notices in class mid May. Students are scheduled during CCE for 9th grade, MWH for 10th grade, Jr English for 11th grade, and Gov’t/Econ  for 12th grade to 1) return ALL materials  for ALL classes not needed for finals, 2) pay charges, 3) clear their records   Students will need to pay with cash or check SEPARATE from the fees being paid to the bookkeeper.  Please clear record during scheduled time as we will be busy with other classes later.

  • Seniors Instructions Slideshow is HERE.
  • Underclass Instructions Slideshow is HERE

You can access your library/textbook record  by logging into our library catalog online (click on Catalog on the right side of the FHS Toolbox ) or on the very easy to use APP .  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or  or call the Library.

Google Takeout Transfer
As the end of the school year approaches, graduating seniors, retiring staff and others moving out of the district may want to move their apps4pps Google content to a personal account. Follow the directions here for transferring your stuff



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