Black History Resources

GALE—home users require oslis pw. Ask Librarian for it! OR SEE HANDOUT

Civil Rights Movement – GALE US History InContext portal

Abolition and the Underground Railroad  – GALE US History InContext Portal

Transatlantic Slave Trade – GALE US History InContext Portal

Harlem Renaissance –  GALE US History InContext Portal

Harlem Rennaisance PBS Digital Set– Primary sources

Harlem Renaissance – Bios

Harlem Renaissance – Black History

Harlem Renaissance – Rhapsodies in Black

Harlem Renaissance – History

Harlem Renaissance – More web links

Harlem Rennaissance– book list from PPS Catalog

Drop Me off In Harlem – Great look at some key players. see if your person is there!

Columbia Archival Collection– Hubert H Harrison is here!

Slavery and the Antibellum South – US History InContext Portal

Race Relations – Opposing Viewpoints InContext

African Americans in Kids InfoBits (K-12) Resources –

Human and Civil Rights: Primary Sources – eBooks

The Black Scholar– Magazine/Journal

Black History Bulletin-Magazine/Journal

Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy-Magazine/Journal

Black Enterprise -Magazine/Journal

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