FHS Mock Election (website)

FHS Mock Election Twitter Feed (twitter)

Gonna Be 18 or not registered ?- Register to Vote online!

Oregon Votes

National Mock Elections

LWV Oregon Student Mock Election

Your Political Views Quiz #1

Your Political Views Quiz #2

Pro-Con- Find Your Candidate Quiz

VoteEasy-What does your candidate stand for?

Be the President

EdTech Best History Sites: Political Parties

Pro-Con- Election 2016-everything you need

270 to Win: maps, polls, simulations

Project Vote Smart: Everything You Need on Candidates and Election

Common Cause– Campaign finance, voter demographics, turnout, challenges and other important info

 NYT Election 2016: Teaching Ideas and Resources – NY Times Learning Network.

Election 2016- Scholastic– Electoral College Map Role of President, News and History

Democratic National Committee- don’t enter email- can get in without it

Republican National Committee-don’t enter email- can get in without it

Green Party

Libertarian Party

Exploring the Electoral College v Popular Vote

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