September 11 Resources

FHS Library Resources on 9/11: Just a few, but search on your own in Stacks On Line.

Remembering—and Rethinking—9/11— Wouldn’t it be wonderful if ten years from now our students could think back and remember, “That’s when I began to ask questions. That’s when I began to think critically. That’s when I began to wonder why we have wars. That’s when I began to see myself as someone who wants to change the world.”–Bill Bigelow

The Essential 9/11 Bibliograpy–from Frontline Staff. Some good pieces

NYT: A special section will appear in The New York Times on Sunday, September 11. . It will provide analysis, commentary, and, on, multimedia revisiting the lives lost and the lives still being affected. Ask your teacher  or librarian for the login information.  The special section may appear in the regular newspaper, or if not, scroll down and look within “The New York Times Sunday Advance.”  If you want to see it after Sept. 11, click on “Back Issues.”

Saving the Stories-NPR Story Corp: Describes the Project and includes many of the audio recordings.  They collected stories specifically around 9-11.

The Telling Project: Local Collection of Veterans Stories. Charley says telling his story for this production helped him process his experiences serving in Iraq…’When I first got out I would have never told these stories, but as time progressed on, I learned to deal with my own feelings…this is another outletting.’ “

Cost of War: A running tally of the cost to date of the wars in Iraq and  Afghanistan, along with total war spending, updated every millisecond. New: see the counters roll for the entire nation, your state, county, Congressional District and/or city/town.Explore the magnitude and meaning of U.S. war costs using our interactive trade off tool. New: we’ve updated the tool to include new trade offs focused on housing, an annual grocery bill and a family’s yearly energy bill. Making Sense of War Dollars A series of visual stories comparing various war-related funding and military spending figures to other budget numbers – such as veterans’ benefits, stimulus funding, Pell grants, and state budget shortfalls, to name a few.

Farenheit 9/11 (DVD)—  Film available for check out from FHS library. Teacher’s Guide  with various activities is no longer available online but it is available from SJ Childs, HSIS.  Other resources listed on Moore’s 9/11 site

Frontline-Various Episodes-stream directly

The Nation Discussion

Disaster medicine journal analyzes health impact of 9/11 attacks in special issue

9-11 Health Effects

Rethinking Schools: War, Terrorism, and our Classrooms –some excellent activities including “Whose Terrorism?” which invites students to define what a terrorist is and then evaluate several historic incidents.

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. An essential resource for
materials countering bias and stereotypes against Arabs. Website includes many educational resources.

John Golden’s Picks (from Cleveland High)

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