2017 Slam Clips and Full Video (Warning Explicit Language)

If you want to taste a bit of the FHS Slam 2017 but don’t have time to watch the full video here are a few clips from the night:

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FHS Slam Winners 2017


1st Place – Lily Lamadrid 12th grade 
2nd Place- Seth Estrada 11th grade 
3rd Place/Alternate-Nathan Wilk 10th grade 

Watch FHS Slam 2017 NOW! More Pics HERE.  Join us at Verselandia April 27 7pm to cheer on Lily and Seth. Tickets on sale NOW. $10 for General Admission.
 The audience was the big winner at the 2017 FHS Poetry Slam. 285 of us crowded into the FHS Library to watch 27 poets battle it out. Fast cars and fast words.  Catcalls and Conway Callouts. Broken brains and broken dreams. Religion and Riddles.  Stay tuned for the video. Thanks to  my other Slam Committee members –Pam Garrett, Dana Vinger, Amber McGill, Mercedes Munoz, Elizabeth Kirsch, Desmond Spann, Michael Corenthal, Deb Dombrowksi  for their help.   Additional thanks to Rebecca Coulterpark, Marjie Chambers, Scarlet Graham, Vida Grider, Hilda Escalara-Gonzales, SUN School, Poetic Justice, Steve O’Neill and his Culinary Arts students, Josh Forsythe and his super crew, MC’s Santi and Skylar, musician Nika Ko, Math Guys–Trevor Butenhoff and Kieran Andrews, and our custodial staff, and especially the FHS PTSA funders.

Our big big thanks go to judges Chris Frazier, Meysha Harville, Claudia Savage, Susie Silva Strommer, and Mike Waller, as well as all the teachers & parents that inspired, encouraged, and taught these students to use their words.

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Cancer Doctor Field Trip

09BOOKmukherjeeJP-facebookJumboGet 1 of 50 free tickets & transportation to  hear  cancer_Dr.Siddhartha Mukherjee –Tues, April 11 6:20pm -9:30pm. Permission slips in library and HERE– due March 24.  Dr. Mukherjee is among the most famous cancer researchers in the world and author of  The Emperor of All Maladies, which became a bestseller and won the Pulitzer Prize. It was also turned into a documentary series . Dr. Mukherjee is most recently the author geneof The Gene: An Intimate History, which Anthony Doerr calls “prodigious, sweeping, and ultimately transcendent. If you’re interested in what it means to be human today and in the tomorrows to come, you must read this book.” Books can be checked out from library and more resources HERE. FHS is indebted to Literary Arts for providing this opportunity.

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Word 2017

Our Slam is April 13 at 6pm in the FHS Library. Join our FACEBOOK EVENT! Buy Tickets to Verselandia! Here.

FHS SLAM: REGISTRATION CLOSED! Win $100  and a slot at Verselandia! Download  HERE. Do it now! Registration closes March 20. Slots are limited to first 25. See online calendar and Watch  FHS Slam 2016 or Verselandia 2016and get pumped to play with poetry! Once you do register- sign up for the  FHS Slam Remindto get info and reminders.





March 2: Registration Meeting  Lunch Library

March 22 Slam Workshop Library Tutorial w/ Mercedes Munoz

March 24: Registration Deadline — guarantee your slot by signing up early

April 1:  Literary Arts Slam Workshop 1-3 w/ Turiya Autry at Lit Arts  925 SW Washington

April 4 :Mandatory Meeting Lunch/ Optional Writing Workshop 3:15-5 B30 w/ Garrett

April 6: Slam Performance Clinic w/ Desmond Spann & Michael Corenthal 3:15-4:15

April 6: Poem drafts due- NEED 2

April 8:  Literary Arts Slam Workshop 1-3 w/ Turiya Autry at Lit Arts  925 SW Washington

April 12 :Mandatory Run Through 3:15  Library

April 13: FHS Slam 6:00 Library**

April 27:   Verselandia! 7:00  SchnitzerTheater

Coordinated by FHS Slam Committee and Sponsored by the FHS PTSA with support from Literary Arts. Contact Sunny (Library), Ms. Munoz,  Ms Garrett, Mr. Spann,, Ms. Vinger, Ms. Kirsch with questions.
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Evicted- Author Matthew Desmond visits FHS!

evictedMarch 9th Franklin Library hosts Matthew Desmond, Harvard Sociologist and  author of Multnomah County Library’s 2017 Everybody Reads-Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City.  Matthew Desmond will participate in a Q & A with students 8th period (1-2pm). We also have 50 tickets/transportation for our staff, students, parents who would like to attend the evening lecture at the Schnitzer. Bus will leave FHS 6:15 and return 9:30. Daytime event sign ups are now closed. Permission slips for evening event are due March 1. (Evening FT Permission Slips).Books and articles available for check out from FHS (we have lots of copies!) and MCL. For more information about  Matthew Desmond, the book, or the issues check out our Resource ListSEE ALSO  http://justshelter.org/stories/   sponsored by Desmond. Read the stories and share yours. And check out the timely action by Portland City Council Here. Watch the documentary about the gentrification of the Albina Neighborhood HERE. Tickets to evening lecture and Q & A visit courtesy of Literary Arts.

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Author Michael Lewis To Visit Franklin Library January 26th!

obamaandlewis_custom-05990b86b8435cbcfc4a9e1d43e7f1b1f4d19483-s400-c85Michael Lewis, former bond trader turned writer and author of the best-selling books Moneyball, The Blind Side, Flash Boys, and The Big Short, and his new book- The Undoing Project is coming to Franklin High School Library for a Q & A 1:00-2:10 on January 26th. Students in Psych, Journalism, Gov’t/Econ, Sports Lit are especially invited to attend. Reservation Slip/Sign Up (available on Dec 8 fromthe-undoing-project target teachers or in the library for general community starting January 6)  must be turned in by January 13. (1st come 1st served). The Undoing Project- is about decision making and behavioral economics and the psychologists that founded the field:  Kahneman and Tversky–whose research into decision-making and judgment offered new trends in behavioral economics, politics, advanced medicine, and sports. Attendance will be shared for (extra) credit. See THESE RESOURCES  for Michael Lewis’ articles and interviews. Pictures of the event are HERE

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We need stories to keep us alive

TELL ABOUT A TIME YOU ran away, found money, lied, fought back, caught the ball. . . 

FAST Storytelling Workshops Nov 29- Dec 1 from 3:30-5: Find your story and learn to tell it in just 5-10 minutes! Open to all students and staff who might have a story to tell. Come to two FAST (Franklin Authors and StoryTellers) Workshops: #1) 11/ 29 or 11/30; #2) 12/1. Led by teachers Josh Forsythe and Sandra Childs in B-56. Free! Sign up in Library or with your English Teacher.

FAST Showcase/Open Mic:  Students/staff who have participated in the storytelling workshops or in Advanced Acting are invited to tell their tales on  Dec 6 3:30-5:30 B-56. ALL FHS community are welcome to attend as audience. FREE. (this event will take the place of our December Open Mic )

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