Textbook Check Out 2016-17

TEXTBOOK CHECKOUT will be the first week of school. Freshman: in CCE class; Sophomores in MWH; Juniors in English; Seniors in Gov’t /Econ. See HERE for exact schedule.

Students will check out all their books for all their classes at one time. They must have ID (or a picture of their ID barcode) and their schedule. They should have cleared their record of books and charges at registration. Having charges or books still out will delay textbook check out. If you have questions feel free to contact Sunny or Marjie or Rebecca in the library.

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Summer Reading Prizes


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Library and Textbook Check-in 2015-16

The calendar for iPad and textbook and library check-in and clearance is HERE.

Seniors Instructions Slideshow is HERE. Seniors received library notices in the mail the week of April 15. Underclass Instructions Slideshow is HEREAll students receive paper copies of their library notices in class mid May. Students are scheduled during CCE for 9th grade, MWH for 10th grade, Jr English for 11th grade, and Gov’t/Econ  for 12th grade to return all materials not needed for finals, pay charges, clear their records   Students will need to pay with cash or check SEPARATE from the fees being paid to the bookkeeper.  Please clear record during scheduled time as we will be busy with other classes later.

You can access your library/textbook record  by logging into our library catalog online (click on Catalog on the right side of the FHS Toolbox ) or on the very easy to use APP .  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at sjchilds@pps.net or mchamber@pps.net  or call the Library.



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Just for Clips!

If you want to taste a bit of the FHS Slam 2016 but don’t have time to watch the whole video, here are a few clips from the night:
Archie’s Poem: read by Sunny, written by Lily

Ellie and Janet: Sister Celebration Ode

Lily’s Advice Poem (Lily won 2nd place at Verselandia!)

Django’s Slam Evolution (2nd place at FHS Slam, Verselandia participant.)

Allia’s Syrian Sentiment (3rd place at FHS Slam)

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Verselandia Winner!


Verselandia Winners (Zoe, Tea, Alexis, Maia, Lily)

See Pictures, video, and blog post .Congratulations to  FHS student-Lily Lamadrid (11th grade)  who came in 2nd after after two exciting rounds at Verselandia! She had tough competition with amazing poets from all the other PPS high schools, plus Gresham and Parkrose. Lily won an iPad & a day at Weiden & Kennedy making connections with powerful, creative, wordy types. See Pictures, video, and blog post. See Lily, Django and Allia perform at Arts Alive!

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2016 Slam Winners


FHS SLAM VIDEO 2016– Great Performances! Watch them now!

FHS Slam Results: 23 talented poets who all won our hearts (24 if you count Archie which you probably shouldn’t because Lily actually wrote Archie’s poem) 1st Place- Lily Lamadrid (11th grade); 2nd Place- Django Jacobsen-Fein (9th grade); 3rd Place- Allia Service (10th grade) See also  Franklin PTSA Facebook page .  The night celebrated the sweetness, beauty, intelligence, grace, humility, & humor of our Franklin students. Best. Slam. Ever.  More than one poet got 10’s! But the point is not the points- the point is the poetry: dog poems and ballads, crazy poems and refugee poems, goodbye poems and sister poems, punning poems and city poems, why poems and breath and sigh poems, tributes and odes, exultation and elocution. An audience of over 200 families and friends packed into the FHS Library, including over 25 supportive staff.   Please join us at Verselandia April 18 7pm at the Newmark Theatre to cheer on our Franklin poets. Tickets on sale NOW. $10.  Thanks to  Slam Committee members –Pam Garrett, Dana Vinger, Amber McGill, Jesse Gardner, Mercedes Munoz, Elizabeth Kirsch, Desmond Spann for their help.   Additional thanks to Rebecca and Marjie,  Destiny from SUN School,  the FHS PTSA funders, Steve O’Neill and this Culinary Arts students, Josh Forsythe and his crew, MC’s Tess Carges and Isabel Leonard, musicians Nika Vredevoogd and Eli Hiton, Math Guys–Trevor Butenhoff and Kieran Andrews, and our custodial staff. Special thanks to  coaches Ellie Gentry & Janet Webster, and especially judges Dana Miller, Chris Frazier, Leanne Grabel, John Slaughter, and Bettina de leon Barrera and all the teachers & parents that encouraged, taught these students to use their words.

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FHS SLAM: REGISTRATION BEGINS MARCH 1! Win $100  and a slot at Verselandia! Sign up for the FHS Slam April 7, 6:00 in the library.  Register ONLINE or Pick up registration form from English teacher or  Library.  Or download  HERE. Do it now! Registration closes March 20. Slots are limited to first 25. See online calendar and join our FACEBOOK EVENT! Watch  FHS Slam 2015 or Verselandia 2015 and get pumped to play with poetry! Once you do register- sign up for the  FHS Slam Celly to get info and reminders. Buy Tickets to Verselandia! Here.

March 1: Registration Meeting  Lunch Library
March 5- Slam Workshop @ Lit Arts 1pm
March 7: Verselandia! Tickets go on Sale – Buy them HERE
March 15 Open Mic in Library 5-6:30
March 17 Slam Workshop 3:15-4:30 Garrett’s room (B30)
March 18: Registration Deadline — guarantee your slot by signing up early
March 29 :Mandatory Meeting Lunch/ Optional Writing Workshop 3:15-5  Library
March 31: Slam Performance Workshop (optional)  3:20-5  Library
April 1: Poem drafts due- NEED 2
April 5:Mandatory Run Through 3:15  Library
April 7: FHS Slam 6:00 Library**
April 18:   Verselandia! 7:00  Newmark Theater

Coordinated by FHS Slam Committee and Sponsored by the FHS PTSA with support from Literary Arts. Contact Sunny (Library), Ms. Munoz,  Ms Garrett, Mr. Spann, Mr. Gardner, Ms. Vinger, Ms. Kirsch, Ms. Bartley with questions.
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