FHS Sheltered Instruction Session 1: Overview

November 2, 2011- Sheltered Instruction Session 1: Overview  2:15– 3:15

Presentation:       Agenda:  http://goo.gl/uvbgl


  • Recognize instructional language of sheltered instruction & its importance
  • Identify the stages of second language acquisition language acquisition
  • Understand our obligation to provide access to content
  • Agree  on key vocabulary around Sheltered Instruction


  • Use key terminology orally and in writing
  • Discuss and summarize issues related to the instruction of ELLs and compliance
  • Respond to prompts orally and in writing

Divide Group in Two Tiers:  Review/Introduction and Advanced  10 min

  • Explain groups and basis: Experts called out to move to Fiction with Ivonne
  • Distribute Binder Material and teachers insert into Notebook
  • Advanced goes to fiction to look at student Language Proficiency Levels, ID strengths, which workshops will help in, PLC problems, Portfolio

Overview 10 min

  • Norms/Agreements/Goals
  • What is in binder: Log, Objectives, Academic Vocabulary

Legal Foundation  5 min

  • dual obligation
  • “the ramp”
  • Helps all

Defining SI/ Components  10 min

  • Share components
  • SI is/is not sorting
  • Think Pair Share > in your room how do you shelter?

Language Acquisition 15 min

  • Explain BICS/CALP
  • Put together Lang Acq Puzzle=levels
  • ELL misconception that BICS=CALP
  • Sentence starters  In my classroom . . . .  I disagree with . . .  I  wonder about. . . . .

Meta List/Learning Log/comp book 20 min

  • Complete self eval and keep
  • Review strategies used today
  • List on log and on wall
  • Review objectives

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