Instructional Resources: Math

By the Numbers Controversial Issues as revealed with numbers and Stats

Daily Number- a daily statistic collected by PEW Research Center. Get kids to predict.

dy/dan  (math superstar blog) Dan Meyer Spreadsheet of Lessons

dy/dan Algebra : This past summer Dan Meyer published his entire curriculum complete with slides, handouts, and just about everything you need in order to deliver the lessons. You can download each week individually or download the entire collection as one file.

dy/dan Geometry: Dan Meyer also has his entire Geometry curriculum available.

Dan Meyer’s TED Talk-Math Class Needs A Makeover

Plus Magazine is a free online publication dedicated to introducing readers to practical applications of mathematics, including fun puzzles. Great way to start each class.

Freshman Algebra Fun: Secrets, Lies & Algebra

More Math Fiction

NCTM High School Resources

PPS Math Timelines, Guides, Supplements,Resources

Algebra 90 Minute Calendar

Geometry 90 Minute Calendar

Advanced Algebra 90 Minute Calendar

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