What have you done to get to know your students?

In your department, share out assignments or activities your students participated in and/or activities you have engaged in to get to know your students. Have one person record the list by Scrolling to  Leave a Reply. Please include your department name, members in attendance by first name and the date in your reply.  For example:

The Widget Department:  Carlos, Sasha, Bill 9-21-11

Students interviewed each other and then introduced each other
Students and parents wrote introductory letters to me. Still reading.
ID’d all TAG, Sped, ELD kids

9 Responses to What have you done to get to know your students?

  1. William McClendon says:

    Social Studies: 9/21/11



    Student coach BINGO.
    Find somebody new – Best Worst event
    Stand up if you
    Partner Interviews
    Personal Traits
    Inside Outside Circle
    Perception of Others
    Get to Know You Tea Party
    Letter from students. Get to know you
    Earliest Memories
    Letter to Teacher from each students
    Where are you from?
    Personal Timeline

  2. Counselors Present: Hoang Tran, Darlene Pope, Holly Vaughn-Edmonds

    Multiple meetings with students, parents, commuity agents about academic needs
    Review transcripts of current FHS students, Marshall campus students and incoming students from other states and districts

    Numerous phone calls to parents and students to address transition concerns

    Referral to Title X, other community agencies.

  3. Merritt says:

    Science: Gary, Steve, Paul, Gregg, Leila, Megan, Cathy, Merritt, Beth

    Played the name game- teacher introduces herself. Next student introduces herself and the teacher and says something special about themselves.

    Gave the kids a list of ten questions and had them introduce the person next to them and answer 4 of the 10 questions.

    Student questionnaire for teacher, get together with lab group, draw favorite animal, food, and favorite song or movie. No words, made other students guess the picture.

    Introduction essays. set of questions, short answer, grade goals, anything teacher should know. Teacher will respond back to each in writing.

    5 x 8 index card, had each kid draw a picture of themselves on the card with their name and stapled the cards to the wall.

    Had each kid tell what kind of music they like, and list their strengths and abilities in terms of robotics, so they can later be placed in the appropriate group.

    Student questionnaire, went through each question with lab partners. Each student would say their name, share a question, then chose someone else.

    Open class discussion on why they wanted to take forensics and biology and submit their 4 favorite songs and suggest one to the teacher.

    Asked students their name and their favorite movie.

  4. Math Department says:

    The Mathematics Department: Deb, Fred, Kelly, Roland, Kevin, Trevor, Gary, MaryJo, David.
    -We highlighted our class lists by TAG and ELL designation.
    -We (diligently) checked the placement of all of our students.
    -For Frosh Success class, we talked about what makes a good student/teacher.
    -First day of school surveys, questions examined their mathematical history.
    -Warm-up question asking students to identify challenges and favorites regarding math. Had students share out.
    -Ask my students why today is a beautiful day for math. Everyday.
    -Class ‘check-in’ regarding how they are feeling about class.
    -Took roll by ONLY looking at class list and NO seating chart.
    -Brainstormed what makes a ‘good’ classroom. Based on results, created a classroom set of rules.
    -Chat with students as they are working.
    -Say ‘Hi’ to everyone as they walk in.
    -Students introduce themselves to the class via questions regarding their life experience.
    -Introduced self to class.
    -Geometry Quilt Activity.
    -Two truths and a lie game.
    -Essay assignment ‘who are you? What do you want? Why are you here?’

  5. Tim Biamont says:

    CTE Department: Theresa, Clara, Jerome and Tim
    Recorder: Tim

    Students participated in a classroom version of “Speed Dating”, people bingo and a partner introduction activity.

    Making an effort to talk to three new students each period/day (on a personal level).

    Acknowlege kids for other activities that they are involved in (e.g. sports, clubs, etc.)

    Meet and greet students when they walk in the door to the classroom/at the door to the classroom

    Attending various student activities – football games, volleyball, soccer, etc.

    Attended “back to school” evening and community bbque

    TAG/ELL identification activity

    Attending IEP meetings as a Gen Ed teacher rep

    Identifying SPED students and reading IEPs to identify their needs

  6. PE Dept says:

    Health and PE Department: Rick, Darrell, Coach Mac,Clark 9/21/2011
    Seating Chart
    Taking roll while walking around the room to put a name to a face
    Ice Breakers: Autograph Bingo, Who’s Who, group activities, Are We Alike, Guess Who I Am

  7. lstruble says:

    World Language: Dana Miller, Marily Mi, Elena Barry, Victoria Lewis, Laura Struble, (Chuck: coaching)

    I made seating charts with pictures so that I can study them to learn who they are better.
    On the first day I gave them 3×5 cards: side 1: name, any other language they know, why they’re studying this language; side 2: 3 interesting things about yourself.
    Everybody but first years did “Find someone who . . .”
    I had every student write a little bit about themselves and what other language(s) they are familiar with (to some degree).
    I had advanced students give self-introduction stories in the target language (3rd year and above).
    I made a list of all my SpEd kids.
    I did an icebreaker.
    We all did the identification for TAG and ELL on the sheets we were given today.
    I did a course expectations/other info “bingo”sheet that students had to get each other to fill out.
    I had all the kids introduce themselves to each other (age, where from, etc).
    I shook hands and introduced myself to each of my students and they had to respond.

  8. Pam, Kate, Susan, Sonja, Jade, Susie, Anne, Harris, Alice, Tim, Dana, Heidi. says:

    The English Department of Franklin High School: Pam, Kate, Susan, Sonja, Jade, Susie, Anne, Harris, Alice, Tim, Dana, Heidi.

    — Autobiographical Poems
    — Student Interviews
    — College Application Posters
    — Name Activity
    — Stress Test in Yoga
    — QuickWrite on Favorite movie, novel, etc.
    — Letters to Teacher
    — Readers Survey

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