Sheltered Instruction Session 3: Frames and Starters

December 12, 2011

Please bring Sheltered Instruction Notebook, Reflection Composition Book

Objectives:What: We will craft sentence frames and starters;  How: Using a graphic organizer with models, pair and table sharing; Why: So we can scaffold required responses for our students


  1. Review:  (SJ) 10 min
  2. Introductory Brainstorm  and table share (Page 1 Handout)  (DJ) 15min
  3. Explanation and Examples of Using  Starters and Frames (DJ )10 min
  4. Writing Ideal Student Response(Page 2 Handout) (DJ) 6 min
  5. Crafting Frames and Starters (using page 2 Handout) (DJ)
  6. Large Group Popcorn Sharing Frames and Starters (DJ) 10 min
  7. Introduction to January & February Workshops  & Choice Submissions (sj) 15 min  Workshop Choice Handout

Additional Starter and Frame Information in SI Notebook at : 5.6-5.8 More at  Best Practices for ELL’s

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