January 4, 2012: Rethinking Homework Part II

http://goo.gl/ugbUI (50 min)       SESSION FOLLOW UP

Objective:  Teachers, in small groups,  will reflect on homework objectives, policies, practices and results by reading  and discussing excerpts, writing on and discussing key questions, and reviewing own student grades.

  • Find your new group. While waiting feel free to read article on table. (5 min)
  • Choose one of the colored excerpts and find one line that stands out. (5 min)
  • 1 & 1: (Small group popcorn-1 question and 1connection/argument/reflection) (5 min)
  • Pick 1 or 2 questions (see Handout) as a group. Individually reflect in comp book(5 min)
  • Pick a facilitator and timekeeper. Discuss using  Sharing Protocol or timer- make sure everyone gets a chance to share reflections on question. Then discuss . (25 min)
  • Review your students’ grades and complete exit slip. (5 min)

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