October 17: Homework and Pretests

FHS Monday October 17, 2012   http://goo.gl/uWIoa

Professional Learning Communities  (50 min)

Objective:  Organize ourselves for rich diverse conversations around essential questions in education and essential skills work. Read an article and use protocol to discuss in small groups how effective our use of homework is.

  • PLC Chart >Organize ourselves—10 min
  • Explain  Sharing Protocol– 5 min
  • Read article -10 min
  • Discuss own practice and article using protocol-15 min
  • Free discussion on homework-10 min

Question: How have you changed your homework policies given the new schedule? Is homework “equitable” given the varying degrees of support at home? Are the majority of students turning in their homework on time?  Is homework a way to “get through the content?” Or a chance to practice acquired skills?  Are we just having students accumulate points or are we assessing their learning?

SIOP (30 min)

Objective: Using a written pretest FHS will determine how and for whom we will differentiate our SIOP Training Instruction.

SIOP Pretest http://goo.gl/HGvqj

(If you finish early– read one more article on homework.)


Objective:Reflect in writing and speaking in large group and pair share on the strategies used in today’s PD in order to make them explicit.

  1. In large group share out the strategies used in today’s PD.
  2. Write about  the application of small  group discussion, the  reading protocol, and the pretest in your classroom in your composition book.
  3. Pair share.

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